The R-Cube system is a showpiece stereo remote volume control with superb audio characteristics and a sophisticated minimalist look. Appearance is just as important as performance in excellent audio gear and brushed or machined aluminum and exotic rich hardwoods enhance the R-cubes aesthetic. The cube shape satisfies the performance design goal of minimum possible total signal path and catches the eye with it's geometric simplicity. Each R-Cube is hand crafted out of brushed aluminum, with machine-turned aluminum buttons and a single 192 color LED light indicating volume level. Select exotic hardwoods with a lustrous oiled finish and matching machine-turned aluminum buttons are used on the handheld remote to give it visual and tactile appeal. The R-cube is constructed with gold/teflon RCA jacks, silver/teflon wiring, triple eutectic solder and a minimum possible signal path in order to maintain maximum signal integrity throughout.

The Audiocubics R-cube system is a simple and elegant remote stereo volume control that is as much art as it is high performance audio gear.



R-Cube: $295.00

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